Take your Eloquent Models to the next level

v0.14.1 2024-05-28 16:16 UTC


Lift for Laravel

🏋️ Lift for Laravel

Take your Eloquent Models to the next level

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Lift is a package that boosts your Eloquent Models in Laravel.

It lets you create public properties in Eloquent Models that match your table schema. This makes your models easier to read and work with in any IDE.

The package intelligently uses PHP 8’s attributes, and gives you complete freedom in setting up your models. For instance, you can put validation rules right into your models - a simple and easy-to-understand arrangement compared to a separate request class. Plus, all these settings are easily reachable through handy new methods.

With a focus on simplicity, Lift depends on Eloquent Events to work. This means the package fits easily into your project, without needing any major changes (unless you’ve turned off event triggering).


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composer require wendelladriel/laravel-lift



Check the Contributing Guide.