A collection of Helpers and Utilities for your Laravel application

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A collection of Helpers and Utilities for your Laravel application


composer require wendelladriel/laravel-hut

Run your migrations since this package provides a migration for a table called change_logs that will be explained below.


This package provides a lot of classes that can be useful for a lot of projects created with Laravel. I created this package because I use a lot of these Helpers and Utilities in the projects I work on, so I hope it can be useful for someone out there as well.


This package provides the class WendellAdriel\LaravelHut\Exceptions\ApiHandler that you can use and/or extend. This class can be used if you're creating an API. It will render all the errors in JSON format.

You can extend it in your App\Exceptions\Handler:


namespace App\Exceptions;

use Illuminate\Foundation\Exceptions\Handler as ExceptionHandler;
use Throwable;

class Handler extends ExceptionHandler



namespace App\Exceptions;

use Throwable;
use WendellAdriel\LaravelHut\Exceptions\ApiHandler;

class Handler extends ApiHandler

The ApiHandler can also send custom error messages using custom exceptions, you just need to implement the WendellAdriel\LaravelHut\Exceptions\AppExceptionInterface. Example:


namespace App\Exceptions;

use Exception;
use Illuminate\Http\Response;
use WendellAdriel\LaravelHut\Exceptions\AppExceptionInterface;

class AccessDeniedException extends Exception implements AppExceptionInterface
    public function __construct()
        parent::__construct('Access Denied', Response::HTTP_FORBIDDEN);

When throwing this exception in the code the ApiHandler will return a response with the given message and HTTP code.

If you have your APP_DEBUG set to true, it will also send debug information when throwing an error.


API Controller

This package provides the class WendellAdriel\LaravelHut\Http\ApiController that you can extend. Instead of extending from Laravel base controller, extend this Controller to get access to these methods:

 * Builds and sends a simple success API response
 * @param int $code
 * @return JsonResponse
protected function apiSimpleSuccessResponse(int $code = Response::HTTP_CREATED): JsonResponse
    return response()->json(['success' => true], $code);

 * Builds and sends a success API response
 * @param mixed $data
 * @param int   $code
 * @param bool  $forceUTF8Convert
 * @return JsonResponse
protected function apiSuccessResponse(
    int $code = Response::HTTP_OK,
    bool $forceUTF8Convert = false
): JsonResponse {
    $formattedData = $forceUTF8Convert ? $this->convertToUTF8Recursively($data) : $data;
    return response()->json($formattedData, $code);

 * Builds and sends an error API response
 * @param string         $message
 * @param Throwable|null $exception
 * @param int            $code
 * @return JsonResponse
protected function apiErrorResponse(
    string $message,
    Throwable $exception = null,
    int $code = Response::HTTP_INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR
): JsonResponse {
    $response = ['message' => $message];

    if (!empty($exception) && config('app.debug')) {
        $response['debug'] = [
            'message' => $exception->getMessage(),
            'file'    => $exception->getFile(),
            'line'    => $exception->getLine(),
            'trace'   => $exception->getTraceAsString()

    return response()->json($response, $code);

Requests and DTOs

This package provides the class WendellAdriel\LaravelHut\Http\BaseRequest that you can extend. Instead of extending from Illuminate\Foundation\Http\FormRequest. This class is used so you can use the DTO pattern when sending data from your Controllers to other application layer like Services or Repositories.

This package also provides the class WendellAdriel\LaravelHut\Support\DTOs\BaseDTO that you can extend to create your own DTOs.

This package also provides a Request + DTO for tables that have basic features like pagination, search and sort that you can use and/or extend. Check the classes: WendellAdriel\LaravelHut\Http\CommonTableRequest and WendellAdriel\LaravelHut\Support\DTOs\CommonTableDTO.

This package also provides a Request + DTO for tables with the basic features above plus date range filters that you can use and/or extend. Check the classes: WendellAdriel\LaravelHut\Http\DateRangeRequestandWendellAdriel\LaravelHut\Support\DTOs\DateRangeDTO`.


This package provides the class WendellAdriel\LaravelHut\Models\BaseModel that you can extend. Instead of extending from Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Model. This can be used to track changes made in the DB that will be logged in a table called change_logs. Check the class WendellAdriel\LaravelHut\Models\ChangeLog and the trait WendellAdriel\LaravelHut\Models\Traits\LogChanges.

This package also provides the trait WendellAdriel\LaravelHut\Models\Traits\HasUuid that can be used to add a UUID field in your models.



This package provides the class WendellAdriel\LaravelHut\Support\Formatter that you can use to format data like integers, floats, monetary values, dates and also provides some generic and useful constants to use in the code to avoid using hardcoded strings.


This package provides the class WendellAdriel\LaravelHut\Support\Paginator that you can use to manually paginate Collections.


This package provides the class WendellAdriel\LaravelHut\Support\SlackClient that you can use to send notifications to Slack. First you need to add the configuration below into your config/services file and set the ENV values needed in your .env file:

'slack' => [
    'bot' => [
        'name' => env('SLACK_NOTIFICATIONS_BOT_NAME', 'APP-BOT'),
        'icon' => env('SLACK_NOTIFICATIONS_BOT_ICON', ':robot_face:'),
    'channel' => env('SLACK_NOTIFICATIONS_CHANNEL', '#general'),
    'webhook' => env('SLACK_NOTIFICATIONS_WEBHOOK'),

After that you can already use the sendNotification method:

 * Notify the Slack channel, sending the given message and mentioning the given users
 * @param string      $message
 * @param array       $users
 * @param string|null $target - IF CHANNEL: '#channel' IF USER: '@username'
 * @return void
public function sendNotification(string $message, array $users = [], ?string $target = null): void



All PRs are welcome.

For major changes, please open an issue first describing what you want to add/change.