Run your seeder files without touching your DatabaseSeeder.php file.

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Run one or more of your seeder files with this very easy command.


Did you notice the work it takes to perform database seeding in Laravel nowadays? Uncomment, comment and uncomment your calls again. Well, not anymore, with Laravel Seeder all the boring and unnecessary work it's done! Here you can perform a database seeding with only one command without having to modify your DatabaseSeeder.php file. Amazing huh?


Required steps

In the require key of master composer.json file add the following.

"welderlourenco/laravel-seeder" : "dev-master"

Run the Composer update comand

composer update

Once this operation completes, the final step is to add the provider in the app/config/app.php config file.

return array(

  // ...
  'providers' => array(
  	// ...



Laravel Seeder adds to your db command namespace, two more commands:

php artisan db:all

It will search for all Seeder files inside your /seeds folder and run them.

php artisan db:only --files="UserTableSeeder"

It will run only the files you specify in the --files option, please, notice that you can pass multiple files separated by colon: --files="UserTableSeeder, RoleTableSeeder, PermissionTableSeeder"


Thank God for the knowledge to write all this.