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webp images module

2.0.1 2023-10-03 08:53 UTC


This SilverStripe module generates webp images from resized jpeg and png images.


  • See composer.json requirements
  • GD with webp support


  • composer require wedevelopnl/silverstripe-webp-images

Next, you'll need to run a dev/build (or at least flush) to allow access to files with the .webp extension from the .htaccess in your assets directory.

Known issues

Using $Image.DisableWebP in a template

Putting $Image.DisableWebP in a template will not work, this somehow calls getUrl twice, properly disabling the webp URL generation on the first run, but actually outputting the second run after which the disabled flag will have been removed. A workaround for this is to use <img $Image.DisableWebP.AttributesHTML />


See License



      enabled: true
      quality: 80

To disable generating webp images in code


Development and contribution

Pull requests are welcome. For major changes, please open an issue first to discuss what you would like to change. See read our contributing document for more information.

Getting started

We advise to use Docker/Docker compose for development.
We also included a Makefile to simplify some commands

Our development container contains some built-in tools like PHPCSFixer.

Getting development container up

make build to build the Docker container and then run detached.
If you want to only get the container up, you can simply type make up.

You can SSH into the container using make sh.

All make commands

You can run make help to get a list with all available make commands.