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Elemental grid module

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This module converts the elemental module ( into a grid module.



  • silverstripe/framework ^4.0
  • dnadesign/silverstripe-elemental ^4.0
  • unclecheese/display-logic ^2.0
  • wedevelopnl/silverstripe-media-field ^3.0
  • jonom/focuspoint ^4.0


composer require wedevelopnl/silverstripe-elemental-grid

Further configuration

For more information about configuration, check out the documentation in the docs directory.


See License


Development and contribution

Pull requests are welcome. For major changes, please open an issue first to discuss what you would like to change.
See read our contributing document for more information.

Getting started

We advise to use Docker/Docker compose for development.
We also included a Makefile to simplify some commands

Our development container contains some built-in tools like PHPCSFixer and yarn.

Getting development container up

make build to build the Docker container and then run detached.
If you want to only get the container up, you can simply type make up.

You can SSH into the container using make sh.


Webpack and yarn are used to compile front-end assets.

If you use the Docker environment, you can just run make yarn-watch to watch for changes or run make yarn-build to build assets (minified and production ready!)

All make commands

You can run make help to get a list with all available make commands.