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Helper module to run cypress tests on a Silverstripe website inside the GitLab CI.

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0.0.2 2023-08-07 08:11 UTC

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Last update: 2024-05-31 00:17:53 UTC


Helper module to allow cypress to be ran against a functional Silverstripe webiste inside the context of an CI.


This module might be usefull inside various CI configuration/implementations so feel free to use it when applicable. But note that this module is designed specifically to run inside our internal GitLab CI default configuration/setup.

We will not provide support or implement features that are not supported by our configuration.


The module provides various tools to ease testing in a CI context.

Generate TinyMCE configuration

Silverstripe will generate its TinyMCE configuration on the fly when requested. But when running a seperate webserver container as service inside the GitLab CI these files are generated on the service running php-fpm preventing the webserver from accessing it. We provide a build task which generates the tinymce bundle files so they can be build into the webserver container during the build stage.

To run this task: ./vendor/bin/sake dev/tasks/generate-tinyMCE-combined-task --no-database