A collection of yii2 validators.

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A collection of Yii2 validators for various localities.


The preferred way to install this extension is through composer.

$ composer require webtoolsnz/yii2-validators

Example Use

Model Validation rules

use webtoolsnz\validators\en_AU\NmiValidator;

class MyModel extends \yii\base\Model
    public function rules()
        return [
            [['nmi'], NmiValidator::className()]

Adhoc Validation

$validator = new webtoolsnz\validators\en_AU\NmiValidator();

Available Validators

  • PasswordStrengthValidator
  • PhoneNumberValidator


  • NmiValidator
  • AbnValidator
  • PhoneNumberValidator


  • PostCodeValidator
  • PhoneNumberValidator

Phone Number Validation

Use webtoolsnz\validators\en_GB\PhoneNumberValidator or webtoolsnz\validators\en_AU\PhoneNumberValidator for simpilicity (no options required) for other regions use webtoolsnz\validators\PhoneNumberValidator

Options defined as follows

$rules = [
            // ISO 2 letter country code - Required (unless using en_GB or en_AU versions) will convert
            // 021 => +6421
        'expectedRegion' => 'NZ',

            // auto fills expectedRegion - phone number MUST be from this region
        'requiredRegion' => 'NZ',

            // number is required to match type, NUMBER_TYPE_FIXED_LINE is also available
        'numberType' => PhoneNumberValidator::NUMBER_TYPE_MOBILE,

            // will re-format input to match the given format. Values are FORMAT_NATIONAL FORMAT_E164 and FORMAT_INTERNATIONAL
        'format' => PhoneNumberValidator::FORMAT_E164,

        // some error messages are also customizable


webtoolsnz/yii2-validators has a PHPUnit test suite. To run the tests, run the following command from the project folder.

$ composer test


The MIT License (MIT). Please see LICENSE for more information.