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Find duplicate files and clean up database and filesystem.

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dev-main 2020-12-03 19:20 UTC

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Find duplicate files and clean up database and filesystem.

What does it do?

wp_falcleaner is a TYPO3 extension to clean up your TYPO3 installation. It finds file duplicates and migrates them to a single file. It respects any content-fields and RTE-fields.

Next feature ideas

  • merge FAL metadata
  • find an extension- and backend-module-icon
  • write an info after cleanup, to run the refindexer
  • create a file-wizard for the rules folder-field
  • restore rules after a page reload/change
  • show count of references in preview
  • limit, if too many files and/or logs
  • write a manual
  • intercept the server timeout and cancel with a message before it gets stuck somewhere in the middle
  • remove unused files

Found a bug?

  • first check out the master branch and verify that the issue is not yet solved
  • have a look at the existing issues, to prevent duplicates
  • if not found, report the bug in our issue tracker