Builders Crack Silverstripe Module

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Last update: 2020-02-11 12:50:39 UTC


Silverstripe module for pulling down data/review from builderscrack.co.nz

Module is still being developed


  • Add admin check to scrape builders crack


  1. Download the composer.phar executable or use the installer.

    $ curl -sS https://getcomposer.org/installer | php
  2. install with command line

   $ composer create-project webkitz/SSBuildersCrack --stability="dev"

### Setup 
In your mysite/_config.php add the following (where the link is to your builders review) 
or you can just set the traders reference id eg : efd80s
- Build with dev/build?flush=1 

See more mysite/_config.php [config options](#config-options)

In your template add the following 

- $JobReviews   | this will render the module template with reviews

<% loop $JobReviews %>

  • $title
  • $date
  • $comment
  • $jobNumber
  • $href

<% end_loop %> ``` OR

  • $JobReviewsTemplate | Returns the modules current template which is the above.

  • After building template you will need to either setup a cronjob to pulldown reviews or logged in as admin simply run http://localhost/website/builderscrack/ this will download new reviews.

  • You can modify the reviews in the admin section

Cron Job

  • To run the builderscrack cron task call as required
$ php framework/cli-script.php /builderscrack/cronjob

Run standard cron job as admin simply run http://localhost/website/builderscrack/cronjob

Config Options

  • setUrl | You can set the full link to the review if you want.
  • set_sandbox | Sets module into sandbox mode this will render a local sandbox.html file instead of retrieving from builderscrack site. File needs to be in the root of silverstripe folder