A tool to automatically update readonly github repos, based on a provided master repo.

v1.0.4 2016-08-23 19:26 UTC

This package is not auto-updated.

Last update: 2020-06-26 18:09:09 UTC


This tool is used to semi-automate the management of read-only git repositories, that depend on the provided parent repository.


composer --global require webiny/github-subtree-tool

Running the tool

Just run the following command from the terminal, and follow the procedure:

$ cd vendor/webiny/github-subtree-tool/
$ php cli.php






  • your github username
  • should have write access to GIT_REPO


  • github password for GIT_ACC


  • path where the subtree components are located, inside the master repo
  • example: src/Webiny/Components

Structure and repo names

On of the most important requirements is that the component repo names match the ones inside the GIT_SUBTREE path on the parent repo.

For example: https://github.com/Webiny/Framework/tree/master/src/Webiny/Component/**Annotations** matches: https://github.com/Webiny/**Annotations**

The back story behind the tool

Let's take our Webiny Framework for example.

The Framework repo consists of several components like Storage, Entity, Mailer and others.

These components reside under the Framework repo inside src/Webiny/Component.

But these components also have their own github repositories:

The reason for this is that this is a modular framework, meaning you can use any of the components without actually using the whole framework. And today, the best way to install a PHP component is over composer, meaning you need to have a separate repo for each of the components.

We always do our development inside the Framework repo, meaning over time we need to sync the changes to the component repos, including creating branches, releases and updating the composer.json file.

We have created this tool to automate that work.

How it works

It first checks out the defined branch from your parent repository, in our case that's the Framework repo.

Then it checks which components are contained inside that repo, under the define path, in our case that’s the src/Webiny/Components.

After that, it checks out the component branch and copies over the changes from the parent repo.

In the end, it creates the requested branch or tag, on both the component repos and the parent repo. Optionally, it can also update the composer.json files


This tool communicates with your github repo, so make sure you understand what you are doing.

Just to be safe, the tool will at the very end of the process ask for your confirmation to confirm that you want to push all the changes. Until that confirmation, no changes are done on the repo.

Bugs and improvements

Just report them under issues, or even better, send a pull request :)