Magento extension that queues indexing operations.

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This Magento extension queues indexing operations with a queue manager backend. It's based on Lilmuckers_Queue extension.


Add the extension to your composer.json or install it with modman. After you should set up queue backend. For example, to use Beanstalk merge this in your local.xml:

<?xml version="1.0"?>





After installation all indexing operations are automatically queued. You can disable this behavior in System -> Configuration -> System -> Index Queue. To process queued indexing tasks you have to start queue watching by workers. To do that, as stated in Lilmuckers_Queue extension documentation, run the following commands:

$ cd /path/to/magento/shell
$ php queue.php --watch


Please, contribute! Clone this repository, customize your parameters and then use provided continuous integration script to install Magento and run tests.

$ cd /some/path
$ git clone git@github.com:webgriffe/index-queue-extension.git
$ cd index-queue-extension/
$ cp params.sh.dist params.sh

Customize parameters in params.sh file. Then run:

$ ./ci.sh

This will installs Magento in magento directory and then will run tests with EcomDev_PHPUnit.


This extension has been developed by Webgriffe®. Please, report to us any bug or suggestion by GitHub issues.