A Doctrine repository implementation with in-memory storage.

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This library is an "in-memory" implementation of the Doctrine\Persistence\ObjectRepository interface. It can be used to unit test components which depends on Doctrine repositories without involving a real database.


Add it to your "dev" dependencies:

composer require --dev webgriffe/in-memory-repository


Let's assume that you're building a movie management application and you have a Doctrine's MovieRepository (which implements a MovieRepositoryInterface) that's used by your services to fetch movies from database in your application.

Now let's say that to unit test those services which depends on this MovieRepository you want to create an "in-memory" implmentation of the MovieRepositoryInterface.

With this small library you can easily do this:


namespace MyMovieApp\Tests\Repository\InMemory;

use MyMovieApp\Model\Movie;
use MyMovieApp\Repository\MovieRepositoryInterface;
use Webgriffe\InMemoryRepository\ObjectRepository;

 * @extends ObjectRepository<array-key,Movie>
final class MovieRepository extends ObjectRepository implements MovieRepositoryInterface

And that's it! You have an "in-memory" implementation of the MovieRepositoryInterface. You can use it in your tests as follows:

$movieRepository = new \MyMovieApp\Tests\Repository\InMemory\MovieRepository();
$movieRepository->objectCollection->add(new Movie('Rambo'));
$movieRepository->objectCollection->add(new Movie('Top Gun'));

$this->assertCount(2, $movieRepository->findAll());
$this->assertEquals(new Movie('Rambo'), $movieRepository->findOneBy(['title' => 'Rambo']));


This plugin is under the MIT license. See the complete license in the LICENSE file.


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