Deployer recipe for Magento project

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Deployer recipe for Magento project. It requires Deployer greater or equal to version 5.0.


Install it using Composer:

$ composer require --dev webgriffe/deployer-magento


Require the recipe in your deploy.php:

namespace Deployer;

require __DIR__ . '/vendor/webgriffe/deployer-magento/magento.php';

// Usual Deployer configuration here

// Set magento root directory inside release path (leave blank if Magento is in the root of the release path)
set('magento_root', 'magento');
// Set other Magento's specific config (see below)


Please, refer to the magento.php file to check the provided shared directories and files. Make sure that these don't conflict with your project. Even when you upgrade webgriffe/deployer-magento please check the shared stuff. We do not treat a different shared configuration as a BC break.


This recipe provides the following Deployer parameters that you can set in your local deploy.php file:

  • media_pull_exclude_dirs, default value ['css', 'css_secure', 'js']: allows to set a list of subdirectories of the media folder that will be excluded from the magento:media-pull task.
  • setup-run-timeout, default value 300: allows to set the timeout for the magento:setup-run task which in some cases takes more time.
  • db_pull_strip_tables, default value ['@stripped']: allows to set an array of table names or groups which data will be stripped from the database dump generated with the magento:db-pull task. Table names or groups syntax follow the same rules of the --strip option of the n98-magerun.phar db:dump, see the magerun documentation for more information.
  • magerun_remote, default value n98-magerun.phar: allows to set the path of the magerun bin on the remote stage.
  • magerun_local, default value getenv('DEPLOYER_MAGERUN_LOCAL') ?: 'n98-magerun.phar': allows to set the path of the local magerun bin. As you can see the default value is taken from the DEPLOYER_MAGERUN_LOCAL environment variable if it's set, otherwise n98-magerun.phar will be used.

Magento useful tasks

This recipe provides Magento useful tasks:

  • magento:db-dump: creates a gzipped database dump on the remote stage in the deploy user's home directory
  • magento:db-pull: pulls database from the remote stage to local environment
  • magento:media-pull: pulls Magento media from the remote stage to local environment
  • magento:set-copy-deploy-strategy: sets the "copy" deploy strategy for Magento Composer Installer into the composer.json file.


This library is under the MIT license. See the complete license in the LICENSE file.


Developed by Webgriffe®. Please, report to us any bug or suggestion by GitHub issues.