Live PHP Script Monitoring

0.2.4 2018-11-22 04:18 UTC


Phollow (pronounced \ˈfälō\) is a lightweight PHP script monitoring utility for developers running a server in the background to track your application's performance and errors.

Screenshot from Firefox

This library is not ready for production use and should ONLY be used for debugging purposes in a restricted development environment.

It relies on Unix sockets and is therefore incompatible natively on Windows machines.


Put simply, the installation process consists in adding a development dependency to your project's Composer and registering the error handler.

Your bare bones installation goes like this:

Add dependency on your project

composer require webgraphe/phollow --dev

Register the error handler

As early as possible in the execution process of your PHP projects:


use Webgraphe\Phollow\ErrorHandler;


Launch the server

vendor/bin/phollow run --colors

Monitor your PHP scripts in a browser

Once server runs, hit the URL listed for the HTTP server. Run a PHP script that registers the error handler and phollow the action 😲