A repository for data that you can use to fill your unit tests.

0.2.2-alpha 2013-04-25 11:00 UTC

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Writing testdata can really be a tricky task. This project tries to gather testdata from everywhere for a lot of common tasks in developer life. It should not be language dependent, so that testdata can be contributed from everyone who writes tests. Globalized and shared testdata has a lot advantages for everyone:

  • often used testdata is more consistent and has fewer data errors
  • more edge cases are covered
  • writing tests will be faster
  • writing the test and implementation gets the focus
  • you have lesser excuses to not write tests
  • tests and data will be decoupled cleanly

Testdata writing can be fun! Imagine a world of testdata, where test people live (did you heard of Max Mustermann these days?) Testdata cars are driving, credit cards have numbers...

I really like the "hands on code thing" and started working out a small example for NestedSets.


  • how to gather good test data
  • data representation
  • search for contributors and people with interest
  • write more motivation texts


http://isemail.info - email validation with tests