SourceAdapter for Propel Databases inside the webfactory/content-mapping mini framework.

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SourceAdapter for Propel Databases in the webfactory/content-mapping mini framework.


Assuming you already have a working Propel installation, simply

composer require webfactory/content-mapping-sourceadapter-propel


use Webfactory\ContentMapping\Synchronizer;
use Webfactory\ContentMapping\SourceAdapter\Propel\GenericPropelSourceAdapter;

$classNameToSynchronize = 'MyClass';
$resultSetMethod = 'doSelectRS';
$logger = ...; // optional: any PSR-3 logger

$sourceAdapter = new GenericPropelSourceAdapter($classNameToSynchronize, $resultSetMethod, $logger);

$synchronizer = new Synchronizer($sourceAdapter, $mapper, $destinationAdapter, $logger);

If the GenericPropelSourceAdapter does not fit your needs, you may find the abstract PropelSourceAdapter helpful.

Credits, Copyright and License

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