File based backend layout provider for TYPO3 CMS

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This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2021-04-09 08:21:42 UTC


Provide backend layout definitions as files, e.g. to ship them with your site package or theme extension.


Install the extension with composer

composer req webcoast/file-backend-layouts

or from TER.


Register backend layouts

You can use the API to register backend layouts from your site package or theme extension.

Use the ext_tables.php in your extension and include


Place your ts config files for the backend layouts in EXT:your_site_package/Configuration/BackendLayouts. The language file for translating the layouts in the selector in the page properties is EXT:your_site_package/Resources/Private/Language/locallang_backend.xlf. The label prefix is backendLayouts., so if you have a layout file homepage.tsconfig, the label in the language file would be backendLayouts.homepage.

Change the paths

If you like to change the path to the backend layout files or the language file, provide them as second third parameter.

WEBcoast\FileBackendLayouts\Utility\ConfigurationUtility::registerBackendLayouts('your_site_package', 'Resources/Private/BackendLayouts', 'Resources/Private/Language/backendLayouts.xlf');

You can also set the first parameter to null, if you do not want to change the path to the ts config files.

WEBcoast\FileBackendLayouts\Utility\ConfigurationUtility::registerBackendLayouts('your_site_package', null, 'Resources/Private/Language/backendLayouts.xlf');


The extension provides a typo script template include with lib.backendLayout = TEXT which converts the chosen backend layout from the page properties (including next level inheritance) to a layout value.

If your ts config file is named homepage.tsconfig, the result of lib.backendLayout would be homepage. This could be used as template name in your page fluid template.

page {
    20 {
        templateName < lib.backendLayout
        templateRootPaths {
            10 = EXT:your_site_package/Resources/Private/Template/Page

# or alternatively as variable `layout`
page {
    20 {
        file = ...
        variables {
            layout < lib.backendLayout