Core content for multipurpose such as blog etc, if the web need more detail content info please create child table from content


this package is the core of content management system based on laravel.

This package required laravel auth.

Step by step to use :

  1. run php artisan make:auth.
  2. run php artisan migrate.
  3. move the User.php name space App; into App\Http\Models;.
  4. create default user as admin with id 1 in users table.
  5. run composer require webappid/content.
  6. run php artisan migrate one more time.
  7. run webappid:content:seed to create default data. This seeder always insert new data only without wipe the old data.

If you have any question about this package, please don't hesitate to drop me an email at dyan.galih@gmail.com

Thanks to everyone to help me build this package.