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The repository for Coaster CMS (coastercms.org) a Laravel based Content Management System with advanced features and Physical Web integration.

Table of Contents


We aim to make Coaster CMS as feature rich as possible. Built upon the Laravel PHP framework, Coaster CMS is both fast and secure. Create beautiful content with TinyMCE and take a look into the future with the Internet Of Things.

  • Built with Laravel 5 (v5.5)
  • Responsive file manager
  • WYSIWYG editor
  • Block based templating system
  • Beacon support

Quick Start

To get up and running with Coaster CMS as quickly as possible you can use Laravel's built-in php artisan serve command. Simply run the following command from your project's directory:

php artisan serve

This will take care of the web server side of things, but you'll still need to install and configure a local MySQL database.


(This installation assumes you have nginx/apache, php and MySQL already installed)

Install Coaster CMS using composer: Get composer:


Run the following:

composer create-project web-feet/coastercms [project-name]

Set up a MySQL database to host your content

Make sure the following folders/file are/is writable:

  • /public/uploads

  • /.env

  • /storage

Then follow the simple instructions in the install script.

For more details go to https://www.coastercms.org/documentation/developer-documentation

Add to an Existing Project

If you'd rather add Coaster CMS to an existing Laravel (v5.5) project, follow the steps through below:

  1. Add "web-feet/coasterframework": "5.5.*" to the composer.json file and run composer update
  2. Add the service providers CoasterCms\CmsServiceProvider::class and CoasterCms\Providers\CoasterRoutesProvider::class, to your config/app.php file (make sure the routes provider is below any app providers as it has some catch all routes).
  3. Run the script php artisan coaster:update-assets