Helpful Composer scripts used by required.

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A collection of useful Composer plugins used by required.


Plugin Availability

Inspired by No Longer in Directory, this feature detects if a WordPress plugin (type wordpress-plugin) is being installed or updated from WPackagist that:

  • has been pulled from the WordPress Plugin Directory but is still available via Subversion.
  • has not been updated in over two years and thus should be used carefully.

Plugin Changelog

This feature prints a link to the changelog on WordPress.org if a WordPress plugin has been installed or updated.



Install this script by using composer global require wearerequired/composer-scripts. And that's it! From now on, this composer plugin will run automatically when updating or installing WordPress plugins through Composer.

Note: It's recommended to install this into your global ~/.composer/composer.json file instead of every project's configuration. This way, the script is only run locally and not elsewhere.