Deployer Recipe for Magento 2

2.1.2 2023-02-06 07:32 UTC



Deployer Configuration

Create a new file deploy.php in the project root (if it does not already exist)

In this file add the contents below and edit/add the host/s as required


namespace Deployer;

require 'recipe/mage.php';

    ->set('branch', 'develop')
    ->set('keep_releases', 1)
    ->set('deploy_path', '/some/deploy/path')

Lighthouse configuration

There is a task that allows you to generate desktop and mobile Google Lighthouse results after running your tasks. The results are sent to a Slack channel. You need to set up a Slack bot integration that is allowed to file:write


  • lighthouse CLI tool (npm install -g lighthouse)
  • chromium


Add this snippet to your deploy.php

set('lighthouse', (
    (new LighthouseConfig())->setTargetUrl('https://test-url.com')
    ->setBasicAuthToken('amg6Y3IfsasagsaagsaDEwbjUtdzByazgwNHQ=') // optional, if your site is protected
    ->setSlackAuthToken('xoxb-XXXXXXX-XXXXXXXXX-XXXXXXXXXXXXXX') // Slack bot token
    ->setSlackChannels('XXXXXXX') //Slack channels you want the message sent to, comma-separated

and trigger it after your deployment with

dep lighthouse:generate