Displays tagged news on every page with the codefog/contao-news_categories bundle..

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1.1 2020-10-06 13:58 UTC

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Last update: 2024-05-16 07:06:43 UTC


Extension for the codefog/contao-news_categories bundle.

With this extension, you can show the latest news from a specific topic on a page that shows information on that topic.
Additionally, there are some more useful news features. The extension uses the category system of the codefog\contao-news_categories bundle to categorize the news.


  • Set a maximum age for news in a newslist. Elements that are older than the maximum age are not shown.
  • Automatically generate a teaser if no teaser is set.
  • Mark "current" category in categories menu.

Usage (example)

  • Create a newslist module and set maximum age (if needed).
  • Insert a content element "news-module-filter" (from the codefog bundle) and choose the newly created newslist module
  • Set the "standard filter", consisting of one category, and activate it.
  • Important: Set the Category target page in the content element, even if it is already set in the module. The setting is not inherited for some reason.

New Template vars

  • newslist template:
    • tagTitle - the title of the current "standard-filter" category
    • tagAlias - the alias of the current "standard-filter" category
  • news template:
    • cutTeaser - a cut-of one-line teaser with max. 200 chars
    • the standard teaser contains a generated "beautiful" teaser if no custom teaser is set in the news record
  • category navigation template (level 1):
    • activeItem contains the object of the currently active filter category, if set in the URL


The project is still WIP.