Multi upload field, double opt in method and other

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12.1.0 2024-05-01 00:15 UTC


What does it do?

It extends the form extension with the following features:

  • Double opt-in controller + finisher for realising a registration process
  • country select box by using static_info_tables
  • CopyToSenderEmailFinisher:
  • Multiple file upload support Multiple file upload!
  • Privacy policy checkbox: Set ID of policy page
  • New property fields:
    • info
    • hide title
    • hide in receiver mail
    • hide in sender mail
  • Registration functions
    • extendable alternative to sf-regater
    • Double Opt-In
    • fully integrated with form
    • design flexibility
    • add your own fields
    • spam protection
    • extendable with typical form methods like YAML

Feature: Set senders in site configuration

With the sender-in-site feature, administrators can define valid senders in the site configuration and editors can select them in the plugins.

First step: Activate the feature in the side wide options.


Second step: Configure new valid addresses

Sites configuration!

It is no longer possible to set the sender manually.

Finisher settings!

Third step: Choose sender address in plugin

Plugin settings!