Product Discount Stickers for Magento 2

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af22071a-448f-11e7-8f33-31f5f9141228.png WaPoNe Stickers is a Magento 2 extension to provide product image stickers visible everywhere in the store (category page, product page, result page, related/upsell/crossell, widget).

Depending on the theme installed, it could need some style improvements.



Run the following commands in Magento 2 root folder

php bin/magento maintenance:enable
composer require wapone/module-stickers
php bin/magento setup:upgrade
php bin/magento maintenance:disable

User Guide

Configuring extension

  1. Go to STORES - WAPONE - Stickers.
  2. Set Activation to 'YES'.
  3. You have to decide to use Manual or Automatic as Discount Calculation (Manual: it will be shown discount image or discount label ** - ** Automatic: it will be shown discount calculated by the system; it is possible to select only sticker background and text color.)
  4. Select Discount Product Category (one or more) where to apply sticker (used only for Manual case)
  5. Select Sticker Type (Image or Custom Label)
  6. Upload the discount image
  7. Set Label, first row (used for Manual and Custom Label case)
  8. Set Label, second row (used for Manual and Custom Label case)
  9. Set Sticker Background Color (used for Custom Label case)
  10. Set Sticker Text Color (used for Custom Label case)


The extension has been tested using Luma Thema, the default Magento 2 theme; since its operation depends on some DOM elements (it works with javascript), it might happen that some code changes need for those themes with different DOM structure. You have to change jquery code in <magento_dir>/vendor/wapone/module-stickers/view/frontend/web/js/categoryPageDiscount.js for category page and <magento_dir>/vendor/wapone/module-stickers/view/frontend/web/js/viewPageDiscount.js for product page.

Example for category page:

Luma Theme


Ultimo Theme


Porto Theme



  • Magento CE:
    • 2.1.x
    • 2.2.x