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What is it? It's console script that colorizes and filters Yii2 log files (runtime/logs/app.log).

What it does? It colorizes all significant parts of log and can filter dumped variables (like $_GET, $_POST, etc.) and stack traces.

How to install it:

composer require wapmorgan/yii2-log-viewer

How to use it

First way (console command)

  1. Include yii2 console command into your project (in config/console.php):
'controllerMap' => [
  'log-viewer' => wapmorgan\Yii2LogViewer\LogViewerController::class,
  1. Run it:
./yii log-viewer runtime/logs/app.log

Second way (own binary)

  1. Use own binary:
./vendor/bin/yii2log-viewer --no-vars runtime/logs/app.log | less -R
// or file tail
tail runtime/logs/app.log | ~/.composer/vendor/bin/yii2log-viewer


Available options:

Yii2 Log Colorizer & Filter.

  yii2log-viewer [options] [-f] LOG_FILE
  yii2log-viewer [options] [-f] [-p]

  -p         Enables reading from pipe, not from file.
  -f         Enables following text file. To quit Ctrl+C.
  --no-trace Enables suppressing all back traces.
  --no-vars  Enables suppressing all exported variables (GET, POST, ...).

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