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A Twilio SMS plugin for Yii2 based off my base package, Yii2 SMS, to make sending SMS messages as easy as emails!

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A Twilio SMS plugin for Yii2 based off my base package, Yii2 SMS, to make sending SMS messages as easy as emails!


The preferred way to install this extension is through composer

Either run

composer require --prefer-dist wadeshuler/yii2-sms-twilio

or add

"wadeshuler/yii2-sms-twilio": "~1.0"

to the require section of your application's composer.json file.

Then add a new sms component to your main-local.php (advanced) or web.php (basic) like so:

'sms' => [
    'class' => 'wadeshuler\sms\twilio\Sms',

    // Advanced app use '@common/sms', basic use '@app/sms'
    'viewPath' => '@common/sms',     // Optional: defaults to '@app/sms'

    // send all sms to a file by default. You have to set
    // 'useFileTransport' to false and configure the messageConfig['from'],
    // 'sid', and 'token' to send real messages
    'useFileTransport' => true,

    'messageConfig' => [
        'from' => '+15552221234',  // Your Twilio number (full or shortcode)

    // Find your Account Sid and Auth Token at https://twilio.com/console
    'token' => 'your_auth_token',

    // Tell Twilio where to POST information about your message.
    // @see https://www.twilio.com/docs/sms/send-messages#monitor-the-status-of-your-message
    //'statusCallback' => 'https://example.com/path/to/callback',      // optional

Note: This package does not provide a route for the statusCallback. You will need to create your own route to handle this. It isn't necessary to send SMS messages with Twilio, and is used for deeper tracking of each message's status.


You can send SMS messages two ways. One uses a view file, just like how the mailer does, by passing it in the compose() call. Only difference is, you don't specify html/text array keys. Just pass the string, since text messages don't use html.

With a view file

In your controller/model use it like so:

Yii::$app->sms->compose('test-message', ['name' => 'Wade'])
    //->setFrom('12345')  // if not set in config, or to override

You will need a view file located where your viewPath points to. By default, it is @app/sms. You can see in the configuration above that we overrode it to @common/sms. This is similar to the location Yii2 Advanced uses for the email views, the "common" directory.

View File: common/sms/test-message.php (advanced) or /sms/test-message.php (basic)

Hello <?= $name ?> This is a test!


Without a view file

When sending a large amount of text messages quickly, you may want to skip the view file for performance reasons, or you just may find it overkill for your usage.

$name = "Wade";

    //->setFrom('12345')  // optional if set in main config
    ->setMessage("Hey {$name} this is a test!")

setMessage() is a nicename function, or alias, for setTextBody(). Since SMS messages only deal with text and not html, I felt this was cleaner. However, setTextBody() will work just the same if your familiar with the way the mailer handles things. Either is fine.

Determining a successful send

A boolean is returned, so it is simple:

$result = Yii::$app->sms->compose()
    ->setMessage("Hey {$name} this is a test!")

if ( $result === true ) {
    echo 'SMS was sent!';
} else {
    'Error sending SMS!';

How do I send an image?

After your compose() call, use ->setMediaUrl($urlToImage)

Do I have to call setFrom()?

You only have to use setFrom() if you did not specify a from number in the configuration, within the messageConfig array.

If you want to override the from address in your main configuration, then you can call setFrom() specifically.

If you only send from 1 number, just configure it and don't call it directly so you don't have to change it in a bunch of places later.

Tip: If you have multuple numbers, use the Yii2 params array for an all-in-one easy spot to modify the numbers later.

Where can I find error logs?

When an Exception is hit during sending, they will be recorded under @runtime/sms and named according to the type of exception.


  • Update README
  • Update documentation/commenting
  • Create Twilio logger component
  • Add support for more Twilio features (messagingServiceSid, channel address, etc)


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