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Add a Spotify Play Button to your Contao website and light it up with music!

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w3s Spotify Play Button


Add the Spotify Play Button to your blog, website or social page and light it up with music! Putting a soundtrack to your website has never been this easy, and you can feature any song, album or playlist. All your fans have to do is hit play to enjoy the music.


  1. Install the Spotify module via ER

  2. Create a new Spotify module

  3. Open Your Spotify app and right click any song, album or playlist and select "Copy Spotify URI".

  4. Paste the code into the field "spotify uri" of the module

Multiple Tracks (Trackset) You can create a playable list of tracks without using a Spotify playlist by specifying a title and a comma-separated list of track IDs. The track ID is the 22 character string found after "spotify:track:" of each Spotify URI.

Download the free Spotify app: https://www.spotify.com