A useful module for converting currencies in SilverStripe from one to another using the API

1.2.0 2018-02-01 04:02 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-05-18 20:22:38 UTC


A free currency conversion module for SilverStripe. This modules takes advantage of by allowing you to use the free membership, to convert currency from any source to another using simple mathematics


composer require vulcandigital/silverstripe-currencyconversion
  1. After installing you should immediately define your api_key and base_currency as shown in the configuration below
  2. Run dev/build
  3. Run dev/tasks/Vulcan-CurrencyConversion-Tasks-SyncRatesTask

Keeping up to date

This module requires silverstripe/crontask, please ensure you have followed the configuration instructions if you wish to have exchange rates updated periodically

By default, exchange rates are scheduled to update every 5 minutes: */5 * * * *, if you would like to change this please see the configuration options below


  api_key: "YOUR-API-KEY" # Get yours from
  base_currency: "NZD" # The default currency to be used in conversions
  cron_schedule: "*/5 * * * *" # How often exchange rates will be updated


\Vulcan\CurrencyConversion\CurrencyConversion::convert(1, 'USD'); // will convert 1 USD to the base_currency
\Vulcan\CurrencyConversion\CurrencyConversion::convert(1, 'USD', 'GBP'); // will convert 1 USD to GBP