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Prepared Voonne platform web project for fast development.

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Prepared Voonne platform web project for fast development


  • PHP 5.6 or higher
  • Nette 2.4 or higher


  • In first place download web project by Composer:
composer create-project voonne/web-project app --stability=dev
  • And now check whether /log, /storage and /temp folders writable for your web server (Apache etc.).
  • Create app/config/config.local.neon copying a file app/config/config.local.template.neon and adjusting parameters.
  • In services section of config file app/config/config.neon adjust domain name and used languages.
  • Create a database schema using Doctrine create command:
php www/index.php orm:schema-tool:create
  • Install platform using Voonne install command:
php www/index.php voonne:install
  • Now you can check if is everiting setup right on url http://example.com/admin/ (change your domain name).

  • You will need a user account to sign in. You create it using commands starting with voonne:permission, voonne:role and voonne:user in console. Remember that for a successful login, a user must have assigned at least one role that has at least one permission.

  • Enjoy!