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1.0 2014-05-28 08:26 UTC


MailMan is email service utility using AWS SES to send emails.

Beside sending regular mail, it can send pre-written email from template containing variables to be parsed upon sending.

How to use using a template

(new Voodoo\Doll\Mailman\Mailman)->template("welcome")->send("you@email.com");

How to use using a template and variables

$data = ["name" => "mardix"];

(new Voodoo\Doll\Mailman\Mailman)->template("welcome", $data)->send("you@email.com");

How to use as normal

(new Voodoo\Doll\Mailman\Mailman)
    ->body("Hello you")


Templates are simple text files that may handlebars markup.

Create /var/mailman under the root directory

To edit a template, create a .txt file into the /var/mailman directory.

Make sure the template has the variables: Subject and Body

Subject is the subject of the email

Body is the body of the email

  • Partials

You may include partial files in the body.

All partials must start with and _ (underscore)

To include a partial {{> parial_name}} without the underscore or extension



Subject = """Hello {{name}}"""
Body = """
This is the body of the message

{{> footer}}


Thank you!

  • Config

The config of Mailman is under conf/Doll.conf.php under the node [Mailman]

Required keys

    from = "" ; from email
    name = "" ; name of the sender
    replyTo = "" ; reply to email
    templateDir = "/var/mailman" ; Dir holding mailman templates

Default email params:

You can add extra params to be added in your templates, such as the name of the site etc.

Under [Mailman] add params[$key]

    ... previous config

    params[company_name] = "Company name"
    params[company_email] = "Company email"