Simple Eloquent File Storage support in your Laravel application

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This is a simple package to develop file storage which is based on uploaded files on your project.


  • PHP 5.5.9+
  • Laravel Framework (currently 5.2)


  1. Run composer require vnilov/laravel-sfs

  2. Add this line to your app.php config file within providers section: SimpleFileStorage\SFSServiceProvider::class

  3. Publish config and migration:

    3.1 Publish config: php artisan vendor:publish --provider="SimpleFileStorage\SFSServiceProvider" --tag="config"

    3.2 Publish migration php artisan vendor:publish --provider="SimpleFileStorage\SFSServiceProvider" --tag="migrations"

    3.3 Run migration by: php artisan migrate


Within Controller
   use App\Http\Controllers\Controller;
   class TestController extends Controller 
       private $sfs; 
       public function __construct(SimpleFileStorage\SFSFacade $facade) {
            $this->sfs = $facade;    
        public function store(Request $request)
           $test_field = $request->input('test_field');
            if ($request->hasFile('picture')) {
                $file_id = $this->sfs->save($request->file('picture'));
            TestModel::create(['name' => $test_field, 'picture' => $file_id]);
        public function get($id) {
            $res = TestModel::findOrFail($id);
            $picture = $this->sfs->getUrl($res->picture);
            return response()->json(['name' => $res->name, 'picture'=>$picture]);