An Eloquent Settings Repository

v1.0.0 2019-05-14 18:47 UTC


A package to store settings of your application on database.


composer require vluzrmos/eloquent-settings


First, you have to publish the configs and migrations:

php artisan vendor:publish --provider=Vluzrmos\EloquentSettings\Providers\EloquentSettingsServiceProvider

Second, run the migrations:

php artisan migrate


You can use the dependency injection or the setting helper:

use \Vluzrmos\EloquentSettings\Setting;

class YourInjectableClass {
   protected $settings;
   public function __construct (Setting $settings) {
       $this->settings = $settings;   
   public function theMethod() {
       $option = $this->settings->get('my.awesome.option', 'default-value');

It's more easy to use the setting helper:

// Getter
$option = setting('my.awesome.option', 'default-value');
$option = setting()->get('my.awesome.option', 'default-value');

// Setter
setting()->set('my.awesome.option', 'That is Awesome!');

setting()->save(); //remember, without this the settings will not be stored on database

Setting API

get(string key, mixed default=null) : mixed - Get a setting on database, if doens't exists it will use the default value.

set(string|array key, mixed value=null) : void - Set a value or array of key=>values to the settings.

forget(string key) : void - Clear an value of the settings.

has(string key) : bool - Check if settings has a given key.

all() : array - Get an array of all settings.

except(string|array keys ...) : array - Get settings which doesn't match with that given keys.

only(string|array keys ...) : array - Get settings which match with that given keys.

save() : void - IMPORTANT! Store settings on the database.

update(string|array keys, mixed value=null) : void - Sets and saves one or more settings.