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1.0.0 2021-04-06 22:08 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2021-04-06 22:16:58 UTC


This extensions provides a ResponsiveImageViewHelper and a SrcSetViewHelper to provide responsive images based on the srcset approach. It supports crop variants, but also defining an own ratio.

While srcset is supported in most current browsers, for background images a similar approach with a custom data-bgset attributes can be used.

Usage in Fluid

This example is showing the setup for a header image, added in the page properties in a desktop and mobile version.

Add {namespace viresp=Visol\Viresponsiveimages\ViewHelpers} to your Fluid template

<f:if condition="{page.files}">
    <f:if condition="{}">
            <div class="img-desktop hidden-xs">
                    additionalAttributes="{data-sizes: 'auto'}"
            <div class="img-desktop hidden-xs">
                    no image cropping has been seleted in the editor:
                    the image will be cropped in the given ratio relative to the center
                    additionalAttributes="{data-sizes: 'auto'}"

The corresponding image editor setup in YourSitePackage/Configuration/TCA/Overrides/pages.php would look like this:

$GLOBALS['TCA']['pages']['types'][(string)\TYPO3\CMS\Frontend\Page\PageRepository::DOKTYPE_DEFAULT]['columnsOverrides']['media']['config']['overrideChildTca']['columns']['crop']['config']['cropVariants'] = [
    'headerImageDesktop' => [
        'title' => 'Header Image Desktop',
        'allowedAspectRatios' => [
            '1170:200' => [
                'title' => 'Letterbox Slot 1170:200',
                'value' => 1170 / 200,
        'coverAreas' => [
                'x' => 0.02,
                'y' => 0.66,
                'width' => 0.96,
                'height' => 0.34,


If you want to support older browsers (e.g. IE) and/or use the bgset feature to create responsive background images, you need to use the lazysizes library.

JavaScript bundled with this extension

The extension uses lazysizes.js along with the plugins respimg/ls.respimg.min.js, ls.parent-fit.min.js and ls.bgset.min.js which are all included in Resources/Private and included by

page.includeJSFooterlibs {
	lazysizes1respimg = EXT:viresponsiveimages/Resources/Private/Javascripts/lazysizes/plugins/respimg/ls.respimg.min.js
	lazysizes2parentfit = EXT:viresponsiveimages/Resources/Private/Javascripts/lazysizes/plugins/parent-fit/ls.parent-fit.min.js
	lazysizes3bgset = EXT:viresponsiveimages/Resources/Private/Javascripts/lazysizes/plugins/bgset/ls.bgset.min.js
	lazysizes4core = EXT:viresponsiveimages/Resources/Private/Javascripts/lazysizes/lazysizes.min.js

Install using npm

The preferred way to include those libraries would be to disable the includes in your setup through the following TypoScript configuration

page.includeJSFooterlibs {
	lazysizes1respimg >
	lazysizes2parentfit >
	lazysizes3bgset >
	lazysizes9core >

and install lazysizes through npm/yarn in your project

npm install --save lazysizes

or add lazysizes to the dependencies section of your package.json

"dependencies": {
   "lazysizes": "^5.1.1",

Then choose your favourite way to build/include the sources from there. With webpack you would import the libraries in your main.js like:

import 'lazysizes/plugins/respimg/ls.respimg';
import 'lazysizes/plugins/parent-fit/ls.parent-fit';
import 'lazysizes/plugins/bgset/ls.bgset';
import 'lazysizes/lazysizes';


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