Generic User Import Tool

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2.1.0 2016-07-11 22:07 UTC

This package is not auto-updated.

Last update: 2021-04-12 10:11:12 UTC


This extension is a User Importer that imports users from a XLSX, XLS or CSV file to the fe_users or tt_address table.


Since we are not the owner of the extension key, you have to download the extension from Github or clone it using Git:

git clone rs_userimp

You can also load it using Composer (but not via Packagist or TYPO3 TER) as follows:

	"repositories": [
			"type": "composer",
			"url": ""
			"type": "git",
			"url": ""
	"license": "GPL-2.0+",
	"config": {
		"vendor-dir": "Packages/Libraries",
		"bin-dir": "bin"
	"require": {
		"typo3/cms": "~6.2",
		"visol/rs-userimp": "~2.1"


to be written


The extension is currently compatible with TYPO3 6.2. It might work in 7 LTS, but it is not tested.


The extension was last maintained by Rainer Sudhölter.

This friendly fork is maintained by visol digitale Dienstleistungen GmbH, Luzern.