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a Yii application component, Dataprovider and autoloader, to use Elastica PHP library inside Yii framework. the aim of this componenets is to create a dataprovider that can be used with all other Yii extesions or widgets (ex: CGridView).

Main connfigrations

'preload' => array('importelastica'),

'components' => array(
   'class' => 'application.extensions.ElasticaLoader',
   'libPath' => 'application.lib', //assume you installed Elastica to /lib/
 'elastica' => array(
   'class' => 'application.components.Elastica',
   'host' => 'localhost',
   'port' => '9200',
   'debug' => true

Usage example

    $elastica_query = new Elastica\Query();
    $term_filter = new \Elastica\Filter\Term();
    $term_filter->setTerm('name', 'Elastica_test');
    $dataprovider =  ElasticaDataProvider('indexname', $elastica_query, array(
      'sort' => array(
        'attributes' => array('attribute.desc',),
      'pagination' => array(
        'pageSize' => 30,
    ), 'type_name_optional');
    $data = $dataprovider->getData();

type name will be used ad the model name by default, if type name was not provided, the data provider will try to use the index name as a model name.

for more info about using elastica PHP library please read the documentation here: ruflin/Elastica