Official PHP library for the Vimeo API.

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This is a simple PHP library for interacting with the Vimeo API.

Before you start

Get started with the Vimeo API

If you’re new to Vimeo APIs, check out Getting Started: The Basics before diving into the content on this page.

Understand the PHP hierarchy

The API docs often use dot notation to represent a hierarchy of data, such as privacy.view. Since the PHP library sends all data using JSON, you must use nested associative arrays instead of dot notation.

// The documentation refers to the following as `privacy.view`
$params = ['privacy' => ['view' => 'disable']];

Install and access the PHP library

To install the PHP library, run the following command:

composer require vimeo/vimeo-api

After installation is complete, you can access the library by using $lib = new \Vimeo\Vimeo($client_id, $client_secret) in a Composer-enabled PHP script.

Advanced examples

To see examples of the most common use cases of the PHP library, visit our PHP Library Examples page.

Framework integrations

We have PHP framework integrations for WordPress and Laravel.

If you've integrated Vimeo into a popular PHP framework, let us know!


To troubleshoot an issue, reach out to Vimeo Support.