A PHP library containing RuneScape lookup components.

v5.2.0 2023-08-07 16:41 UTC


A PHP library containing RuneScape lookup components.



  • Fetch player current and old school high scores.
  • Fetch player activity feeds.
  • Compare high scores.
  • Get combat levels and virtual skill levels.
  • Fetch from RuneMetrics with high scores and adventurer's log as fallbacks.


For looking up player related matters, simply construct a Player object and use its methods:

use Villermen\RuneScape\Player;
use Villermen\RuneScape\Skill;

$player = new Player("VILLERMEN");

$highScore = $player->getSkillHighScore();
echo $highScore->getSkill(Skill::SKILL_FARMING)->getLevel(true);
// 107

$oldSchoolHighScore = $player->getOldSchoolSkillHighScore();
echo $oldSchoolHighScore->getCombatLevel();
// 69

$comparison = $highScore->compareTo($oldSchoolHighScore);
echo $comparison->getSkill(Skill::SKILL_ATTACK)->getLevelDifference(true);
// 39

// These should return instantly if $highScore was successfully obtained from RuneMetrics
echo $player->getName();
// "Villermen"

echo $player->getActivityFeed()->getItems()[0]->getTitle();
// "Quest complete: Evil Dave's big day out"

Internally, Player uses a PlayerDataFetcher object to fetch and cache details. A single PlayerDataFetcher can be shared across all player objects by passing it in their constructors or by setting it afterward.


composer require villermen/runescape-lookup-commons