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Kickstart you project with the Victoire DCMS demo





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1.3.6 2015-12-01 23:03 UTC

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Welcome to the demo of Victoire DCMS and thank you for your interest. This is the best way to try Victoire and to discover all its features. Please, follow the install instructions to start.


composer create-project victoire/demo myVictoire "1.3.*@dev"

###Set your parameters

You're invited to set up the parameters that will be defined in the "app/config/parameters.yml" file. The default parameters are indicated between the () but you might need to insert different values regarding your environment.

###Domain names Change domain names for yours in app/config/parameters.yml

    locale_pattern_table: fr fr

###Define your locale Available locale :

  • fr : French
  • en : English
  • es : Spanish

###Database Create your database

php bin/console doctrine:database:create

And import the demo database with var/dump/db.sql

Then generate the view cache with the following command

php bin/console victoire:generate:view-cache

Then generate widgets css for each view

php bin/console victoire:widget-css:generate

###Uploads Extract demo uploads in web folder

tar -zxvf var/dump/uploads.tar.gz -C web/

###Bower If you have not already installed bower, run the following command

npm install -g bower

Install Bower packages

bower install

###Assets If you have not already installed less, run the following command

npm install -g less

If you have not already installed sass, run the following command

gem install sass

Then dump assets

php bin/console assets:install web --symlink
php bin/console mopa:bootstrap:symlink:less
php bin/console assetic:dump

###Login page Setup your virtualhost as usual and go to (assuming your local virtualhost is called and enter these credentials to start to test Victoire:

Login Password test

##Victoire Core

If you have any bug or problems, you can fork and commit your changes directly on Victoire Repo