The vianetz PDF library that generates PDF documents.

3.0.0 2021-06-01 10:15 UTC



This library offers an easy-to-use API for PDF generation and merging.


  • PHP >= 5.6


Create PDF document from HTML contents

// Create a new pdf instance.
$pdf = Vianetz\Pdf\Model\PdfFactory::general()->create();

// Create the document. You can return any kind of HTML content here.
$document = new \Vianetz\Pdf\Model\Document();
$document->setHtmlContents('<strong>Hello</strong> World!');
// Add our document to the pdf. You can add as many documents as you like
// as they will all be merged into one PDF file.

// Save the resulting PDF to file test.pdf - That's it :-)

Merge a PDF file and a PDF string into one PDF file

// Load some random PDF contents
$pdfString = file_get_contents('test1.pdf');

// Setup things
$pdf = Vianetz\Pdf\Model\PdfFactory::general()->create();
$pdfMerge = Vianetz\Pdf\Model\PdfMerge::create();

// Do the merge.

// Save the result PDF to file result.pdf.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please find the Frequently Asked Questions on our website.


If you have any issues or suggestions with this extension, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Of course this extension would not have been possible without the great open source eco-system. Therewith credits go to:


Christoph Massmann


GNU General Public License v3.0
See also LICENSE file.

This extension uses the DomPDF library. For license information please visit the DomPdf repository.
This extension uses the FPDI library. For license information please visit the FPDI repository.


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