Socket for TYPO3

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What's this?

This TYPO3 extension brings sockets to your TYPO3. The sockets capabilities can be configured in the backend through a module. The socket will be created on the command line. You can choose if you want to create a UNIX or TCP socket. Each has its pros and cons. A TYPO3 socket can be used to send data to the DataHandler, FileHandler or run custom code.


composer require vertexvaar/typo3_socket


After installation and activation you can start the socket on the command line with following command (navigate to your TYPO3 webroot directory first): ./typo3/cli_dispatch.phpsh socket

Open another bash and type telnet 8800, now you have an interactive TYPO3 console. Press enter for command overview. Open a bunch of additional CLIs and connect them with the telnet command, too. Try commands like clients, exit or write a message to all connected clients via broadcast:Hello Clients!. You can also access data from the TYPO3 system. Currently this is limited to page properties. Type show:id:1 to get all page properties of the page with UID 1.

Exchange the $host variable with your LAN IP address to connect with other computers to your TYPO3 socket.



Use cases

  • TBD
  • interactive code execution in TYPO3 context
  • Access to TYPO3 database without knowing credentials

Future Features

  • Unix socket
  • Login with backend account
  • Directly stream to DataHandler
  • Manage data like users and groups
  • runs in background, socket will be assured to be running by cronjob
  • much, much more