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Deployment scripts for Venne framework.

dev-master 2013-09-12 14:14 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2021-11-29 01:53:45 UTC



By Git:

git clone git://
rm -fr deployment/.git

By Composer:

composer create-project venne/deployment:dev-master --prefer-dist

Optionally you can install hooks for git:

php deployment/bin/install.php

How to use

Export installation:

php deployment/bin/export.php

Import installation:

php deployment/bin/import.php

Deployment with Git

Run in sandbox only first time:

composer create-project venne/deployment:dev-master --prefer-dist
git init
php deployment/bin/install.php
git add *
git commit -m "first commit"
git remote add origin <$server>
git checkout -b production
git push origin production

When you want to deploy current production branch:

git push