This is forked from [Wilkins/composer-file-loader]( to use it e.g. in the frdl/codebase ClassmapGenerator classes.

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Forked from the original Composer File Loader,

  • add Classmap support and use it in the frdl/codebase lib.


Allows you to load a composer.json file just as composer would do it.

This allows you to load composer.json file without composer (so, theoretically, PHP 5.2 is enough).


  • PSR-4 : YES
  • PSR-0 : YES
  • Classmap : NO
  • Files : YES


You have a composer.json file looking like this :

    "name": "wilkins/composer-file-loader",
    "type": "function",
    "description": "Load composer file",
    "autoload": {
        "psr-4": {
            "": "src2/",
            "RoutePlanner\\": "src/",
            "CompanyName\\PackageName\\": [
// You load the PackageLoader
include __DIR__.'/PackageLoader.php';

// You load your packages
$loader = new PackageLoader\PackageLoader();

// You call the package classes
new CompanyName\PackageName\Machin();
new CompanyName\PackageName\Bidule();
new RoutePlanner\Truc();
new TestNoNamespace();


Just go into the root directory and run:

php test.php

If no error appears, you're good!


Created by Thibault Taillandier from this stackoverflow question.

Please fork it to add more support