Magento 2 module that provides you with an extra order grid in the admin backend. You can give the grid a custom name and configure what order statuses to show.

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1.0.7 2024-01-22 12:49 UTC

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Last update: 2024-02-22 12:57:49 UTC


Sometimes, you need another grid for your orders, that shows only orders with a particular status.

For use cases like:

  • Pre-orders
  • Backorders
  • Pay by invoice

With this module, it's very easy to setup. Just set the setup like this:

Configuration screenshot

Clear your Magento 2 cache, and your new filtered order grid is ready to go:



Menu screenshot

Filtered order grid:

Filtered order grid screenshot


composer require vendic/module-extraordergrid

Extending the UI component

This module uses a copied version of the default order_admin_grid UIComponent. You can find it here: view/adminhtml/ui_component/vendic_extraordergrid_order_grid.xml

To add/remove columns, just create your own Magento 2 module and extend the UI Component.

About Vendic

Vendic - Magento 2 develops technically challenging e-commerce websites using Magento 2. Feel free to check out our projects on our website.