Hyvä checkout compatibility module for vendic/magento2-google-address-autocomplete

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1.2.0 2023-11-21 07:59 UTC

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Hyvä checkout compatibility module for vendic/magento2-google-address-autocomplete.



This extension currently only supports PHP 8.1, while the Hyvä checkout is also compatible with PHP 7.4. Feel free to create a pull request if you want PHP 7.4 support.

composer require vendic/hyva-checkout-google-address-autocomplete


First, create your Google Maps API key. You can find instructions on how to do this here. Also make sure you have valid billing information added to your Google account.

Set your Google Maps API key in the Magento admin panel under Stores > Configuration > Vendic > Google Address Autocomplete.

Or - even better - via the CLI:

 n98-magerun2 config:set --lock-env google_autocomplete/general/api_key $your_api_key

There is no disable/enable configuration. To disable the module, simply remove the API key from the configuration.


  • Autocomplete for billing address in the Hyvä checkout
  • Autocomplete for shipping address in the Hyvä checkout
  • Autocomplete for adding a new address as a logged in user (see #5)
  • Works on the company field and street 0. To add additonal fields, check \Vendic\HyvaCheckoutGoogleAddressAutocomplete\ViewModel\AutoCompleteSelectors
  • Housenumber validation to check if the housenumber contains digits.


Field mapping

The field mapping (google address response mapped to Hyvä checkout form inputs) can be modified using di.xml. See etc/frontend/di.xml for the default mapping, which you can change edit in your own di.xml.

Input selectors

The input selectors (the fields that trigger the autocomplete dropdown ) can be modified using di.xml. By default, the autocomplete is triggered for street 0 and company.