Helper class shared across all Vendi-controlled properties

v5.0.4 2019-04-03 14:10 UTC


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NOTE: Do not modify any methods in this class ever. You can add new methods as needed but there is a lot of code the depends on this functioning in a specific fashion and since this is a shared class you are not guarenteed to have this specific class actually loaded.

To clarify the above, this class is intended to be used by multiple plugins and there is no guarantee of load order. If you add a new method to this class you should grep the server for other installs and add code to those, too, since you don't know if your code will load first.

Any additional methods to this class MUST work without fail and can have zero dependencies upon other code.



  • Bumped PHP minimum requirement to 7.1 to make PHP Unit happy
  • Versions between the 5.0.0 release and this were just me fighting stupid little things.


  • Removed fs_utils, stay on 4.x if you need this still


  • Bumped PHP minimum requirement to 7.0
  • Added fs_utils:
    • create_random_temp_dir
    • combine_paths_with_file
    • combine_paths
    • mkdir


  • Remove unparse_url() which was from a different project.
  • Finished documenting everything.


  • Added get_value_multiple_sources().
  • Fixed documentation errors from copy and pasting.


  • Only trim() if the value is a string.


  • Allow setting custom POST/GET/COOKIE/SERVER on static fields of class. If set they will be used in place of the global $_ XYZ values. Also added reset_all_custom_arrays() to erase these values. These changes should be 100% backwards compatible.


  • Added unparse_url()


  • Rewrite of previous code into this namesapce