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This is a simple, skeleton application using the Nette. This is meant to be used as a starting point for your new projects.

Nette is a popular tool for PHP web development. It is designed to be the most usable and friendliest as possible. It focuses on security and performance and is definitely one of the safest PHP frameworks.


PHP 7.1 or higher.

Web Server Setup

The simplest way to get started is to start the built-in PHP server in the root directory of your project:

php -S localhost:8000 -t www

Then visit http://localhost:8000 in your browser to see the welcome page.

For Apache or Nginx, setup a virtual host to point to the www/ directory of the project and you should be ready to go.

It is CRITICAL that whole app/, log/ and temp/ directories are not accessible directly via a web browser. See security warning.

Notice: Composer PHP version

This project forces PHP 5.6 as your PHP version for Composer packages. If you have newer version on production you should change it in composer.json.

"config": {
   "platform": {
      "php": "7.1"


The best way to install Web Project is using Composer. If you don't have Composer yet, download it following the instructions. Then use command:

composer create-project venca-x/web-project path/to/install
cd path/to/install
npm install

Run grund init tasks:

gulp upgrade

Make directories temp/ and log/ writable.

Used technologies

  • gulp
  • npm
  • nette/tester
  • Sass
  • Bootstrap v4
  • FontAwesome
  • Jquery
  • Minifi CSS and JS
  • nette-form-renderer
  • ftp-deployment

Basic commain in Grunt

deploy-master Deploy files to master server

deploy-devel Deploy files to devel server

Mysql table for login

  `email` varchar(128) COLLATE utf8_czech_ci NOT NULL,
  `password` varchar(255) COLLATE utf8_czech_ci NOT NULL,
  `role` varchar(64) COLLATE utf8_czech_ci DEFAULT NULL,
-- Data for table `user`

INSERT INTO `user` (`id`, `email`, `password`, `role`) VALUES
(null, '', 'xxxxx', 'admin');

Coding style

In superior directory instal this packages. This CS packages are in superior, because are sharing with multiple procets.

composer create-project nette/code-checker nette-code-checker
composer create-project nette/coding-standard nette-coding-standard