VamShop Plugin to help editing SEO meta data

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3.0.2 2018-11-21 16:35 UTC

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Last update: 2023-02-04 20:45:23 UTC


Seo Version 0.2

Seo plugin for VamShop.

This will add a new tab when editing nodes to enter keywords and description
for a given page

You can also add tags by URL. Useful for custom plugin actions, ie: instead of
adding your meta tags in the views, we can configure these tags from the
admin interface

Installation using composer:

1. Install package from your VamShop root directory (where composer.json located):

composer require vamshop/seo

2. Activate plugin at Admin - Extensions - Plugins - Seo

Manual Installation:

1. Download or clone repository

2. Copy files from archive analytics-master folder to /app/plugins/Seo folder

3. Activate plugin at Admin - Extensions - Plugins - Seo


VamShop 3.0 -