VamShop Assets Management Plugin

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3.0.12 2018-11-21 16:35 UTC

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Assets Management Plugin

VamShop Assets Management Plugin

Installation using composer:

1. Install package from your VamShop root directory (where composer.json located):

composer require vamshop/assets

2. Activate plugin at Admin - Extensions - Plugins - Assets

Manual Installation:

1. Download or clone repository

2. Copy files from archive analytics-master folder to /app/plugins/Assets folder

3. Activate plugin at Admin - Extensions - Plugins - Assets

## Usage

Once activated successfully, three new buttons (Reload, Browse, and Upload)
and a new "Assets" tab will be added to the `edit` action of the following
pages: Nodes, Blocks, and Types.

Clicking on the "Upload" button will bring up a popup window, where you can
select and upload the asset file.

### Featured Image

When ticking the "Featured Image" checkbox, the asset will be automatically
grouped under the "Featured Image" record.

A simple helper method (AssetsImageHelper::featured) is included for basic
markup generation.

### Adapter

Two adapters are provided in the plugin:

	* Local Attachment

	  Default storage adapter.  When using this adapter, assets will be
	  stored under `APP/webroot/assets` directory.

	* Local Attachment (Legacy)

	  This adapters mimics the original Vamshop behavior, where images are
	  stored under `APP/webroot/uploads` directory.

# Dependencies

- [Imagine]( plugin which is a CakePHP
  friendly wrapper for [Imagine image processing library](
  Tested with 1.0.1-3-g500a559
- [Gaufrette]( library