Adds user badges to your Flarum community

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v1.1.0 2022-07-03 22:30 UTC

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🔖 Flarum User Badges

This Flarum extension will bring user badges to your forum. Reward your users with badges.

If you have any feedback, let us know! Do you experience issues? You can report issues on the Flarum Forum or on GitHub.

📥 Installation

If you like to install this extension, run the following command:

composer require v17development/flarum-user-badges

♻ Updating

Run the following command on your server to update the plugin

composer update v17development/flarum-user-badges

🦸 Features

  • Create badge categories
  • Create badges
  • Add badges to users
  • Add badge earning reason
  • User badges page
  • Public badge list page
  • Received new badge notification
  • Fully integrated with Askvortsov's Auto Moderator
    • Adds Badges received metric
    • Adds Give badge action
    • Adds Remove badge action
    • Adds Has badge requirement

📝 To-do:

  • User primary badge (next to name)
  • Image badges
  • Introduce 'relevant tag' badges (karma badges?): Automatic selecting 'primary' badges based on tags of a discussion

🙋 Questions, feedback?

If you have any questions related to this extension, don't hesistate and send us an email, create an issue on GitHub or ask your question on our V17 Development Slack workspace.

🖼️ Screenshots

User Badges list

User Badges list

User badge notifications

User badge notifications

Public badges overview

Public badges overview

Public badge detail page

Public badge detail page

Admin badge management

Admin badge management

Managing badges

Admin badge management

User badge info

Admin rights & public info Admin rights & public info