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Queasy PHP framework was developed to help with small projects whose don't require a lot of features implemented in other big, great and nice frameworks like Laravel.

  1. Intro
  2. Configs
  3. Logs
  4. Routes and Controllers
  5. Database and Models
  6. Forms and Validation
  7. Internationalization
  8. Events and Listeners


  • PHP 5.3 - Newer PHP versions surely can be used too. This framework doesn't use any things came in newer versions, so it is useful even within PHP 5.3 hostings.
  • PDO - for database access.
  • Apache Httpd - to serve .htaccess for human-readable URLs.


  • Install Composer
  • Run composer create-project --stability=dev --prefer-dist v-dem/queasy-app YOUR_PROJECT_NAME
  • Copy queasy-config.php.sample to queasy-config.php and modify its settings due to your system configuration.



  • Much faster than other micro frameworks.


  • No complex things like DI or IoC used. Just a standard OOP. So debugging is very easy and source code is clean to understand.


  • Just a several tens of files. And they are loaded only when needed.


  • Supports complex configurations with ability to load from different files.
  • Supports internationalization from a box.
  • Forms validation from a box too.
  • Built-in logger, it has to be PSR-compatible in future.
  • Database access is very easy for easy queries (like INSERT, DELETE, UPDATE or SELECT by a single field), more complex queries can be configured in config files.
  • REST support. Every Controller should respond to HTTP methods like GET, POST, PUT, DELETE etc - no routes required.


Folders structure

  • /app Default folder for custom application files
    • /app/controllers Controllers
    • /app/models Models
    • /app/forms Forms
    • /app/events Events
    • /app/listeners Event listeners
    • /app/App.php Main application class
  • /public Default folder for public resources like CSS, JS, images etc.
  • /public/index.php Queasy loader
  • /i18n Default folder for translations
  • /logs Default folder for log files
  • /views Default folder for views
  • /vendor Contains Composer classes, including Queasy core files